Travel and illness

So you’ve planned a trip and organized fun activities within that trip…except, oh wait, you’re first hit with cancelled trains, then hit with food poisoning – opps, and essentially lose three days of traveling time.

Time for a serious reality check.

What I’m learning this time is that my plans might’ve been a little bit too ambitious, trying to cram too many cities all in at once is not a smart idea – thinking back, last year, spending a week in each city was much more feasible from a multitude of perspectives, not only would I get to experience the city in a self paced way, I also got to relax. Thinking back, given the time I’m giving myself this year and the a list of things on the bucket list, it’s not exactly a surprise why I’d fallen ill.

Improper rest = busted immune system.

Which is why I might reconsider Amsterdam. While yes, I would like to party all night during New Years, I’m also sane enough to admit that I’m nowhere near that level of health where I could just squander it then recover with two very good nights of 12 hours sleep…I might as well end up having a quiet one this year and just sleep into 2016…


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