Travel Fatigue: when you go too far too fast

“Why am I so tired.”

I asked my reflection in the mirror the other morning. It was half past nine and I knew I had to get out the door and get to breakfast at the hotel before it closed at 10am and that would open up a new day of crossing things off the list.

Then I realized, that’s not fun. Travel is supposed to be fun isn’t it? And fun means setting your pace and doing things your way. There’s a reason why I had decided to make this trip – to relax and gather some thoughts. Then I realized, I’ve only been on this continent for a week and already I’ve been in France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and now Germany… okay so that average out to almost a country a day – that’s much faster than the traveling I’m used to – for example, I only did 4 cities in the time of a month last year and that was very well executed in my opinion. I got my rest and I got to see things. So this is definitely something to take into consideration for traveling next time round, and of course, to figure out the travel pace you’d prefer.

I do have to say this year was a little rushed. Prior to making the trip, I thought I had an idea of what’s going to happen – except then plans change – especially when you make plans months in advance and you factor in seeing people as a part of your plan as well, then your plan becomes highly variable and improvising becomes key.

Now, I’m just glad I’m here in Berlin for a couple more days and that’ll give me time to rest up, explore the city other than it’s museums, but the party side of things. There are two parties I’m looking into happening on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here in the city. So that’s that. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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