Oslo – impressions part ii

First things first, I talked about my initial impressions of Oslo Norway and after day two of museum going and Friday night beer drinking with Norwegians, I promised myself I’m definitely coming back.

Yes. Oslo, the city that is not on most people’s top priority list, should be bumped up a few spots at least in my opinion. Oslo is not only home to mighty ships built centuries ago, the Fram, Kontiki, but it’s also home to two major artists – namely Edvard Munch and Gustav Vigeland. As an art buff, I got way too excited when I saw some of the works I’ve only read about up close and personal – did I come close to tears? Maybe.

I won’t spoil the rest.

The point is seeing the works in person and marvel, so I’ll leave that to you when you visit.

The other half of the day included meeting up with a friend, and doing one of those things Scandinavians do very well – beer drinking – yes – so then I went to eat traditional Norwegian food with my Norwegian friend, then went bar hopping at three different locations and surprisingly, Oslo had a lot to offer – from local craft beers to foreign exports – not to mention the throwback style music really got my friend and I reminiscing. And of course, after a few beers, I started to blurt out random words of the Danish and Swedish variety…and might’ve picked up some Norwegian curse words as well. All in all, Oslo was surprisingly fun (unlike what my friends whom had visited had said) but then again, I realize this also comes down to knowing the right people who are up and willing to have the same type of fun as you have in mind.


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