I can’t believe I’m still awake after 36 hours and 3 countries later…

“Do you feel like going out clubbing?”

“Nah. It’s my last night here, I think I”m good. Still need to pack…”

Five beers later.

“Should we check out the other gay bar?”

Five songs and cigarettes later.

I was home and cleaning and packing then by six fifteen I was dragging my suitcase to Oslo Sentralstasjon to get on my train to Gothenburg – Hvor spændende (how exciting) – then an overtly hot 4 hour train ride later, I was in Gothenburg, Sweden. Originally, I had planned to checkout the city there, and had I slept I definitely would’ve, however, since I was twenty four + four (wow, which makes 28 hours) without sleep, I was less than enthusiastic to use the 2 hours I had there wisely. I drank a cup of coffee and managed to almost break the mug by dropping it…

Needless to say, I’m just all kinds of graceful today – and all kinds of fast in processing information.

I’m saying that I won’t do this again – no, I actually foresee this happening at another time soonish, like when I head to another party city and meet up with friends – but for the next two days, my plans are just catching up on sleep and try and not get sick because of lack of sleep and actually do some much necessary work. Traveling is also making me realize how little time – despite that I’ve been up a total of 36+ hours now – it dragged on, still, it’s not a lot of time to squeeze in the dedication needed for the results.

So, as soon as I get on that plane I’m waiting on, it’s snooze until landing – fingerscrossed the hotel beds are comfortable as well.


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