OSLO – first impressions

Perhaps it’s because I’ve already been to Sweden and Denmark, after a full first day in Oslo, I have to say that Oslo ranks high on quintessential things Scandinavian – Oslo, the impression I’ve gotten, was that the city is a quiet one. With an urban population under 1 million, there’s little wonder why.

I caught the rush hour traffic commute with the normal commuters around eight in the morning and found that, Norwegian metro trains were full, but not congested like the ones I’m used to…perhaps it’s because they run on a much higher frequency with more lines and services that connects one part of the city to another. And when one reaches above ground, the foot traffic is also sparse.


As seen here, a street in Downtown Oslo, around 9am. Oh and here’s another thing, the sun doesn’t rise until after 9am here, and sets around 3pm.


Another quintessential Scandinavian thing I found about Oslo is that one does not have to venture far to see nature. In fact, a bus ride couple stops from the Central Station will get you to places that feels barely disturbed by human presence.

because norway-01


8 thoughts on “OSLO – first impressions

      1. I wouldn’t know about extremes, I’m thinking it’s value for money in terms of still, video and also underwater usage. 🙂

        On my recent trip to Bali, I snorkeled for the first time but have not a thing to remember it by except my memories. I’m going to be sitting on the wall for a while yet, I think.

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