I decided to take my DSLR everywhere…including work.

If you’re going to invest in a camera that’s worth a pretty penny, then you better find ways to acquaint yourself with your newfound creative tool. With my current work schedule it’s impossible to find time to go out for creative shoots, so what I ended up doing was…taking my new camera to work. And during lunch breaks, I’d walk around outside and take on new perspectives for mundane things.


Like this vine here on the wall, what is it doing being so green in the middle of December?


Or, which bird will eventually fly away with the bread? And how come the crows don’t seem so interested in crossing the parking lines?

And the most fun part is of course looking through the photos and editing them when I get home. The image quality of the Canon70D is pretty much flawless in my (albeit humble and beginner’s) opinion. I’m completely satisfied with the 18-135 mm kit lens that came with the Canon70D and also the 50mm 1.8 I purchased thereafter. I can see a lengthy relationship here forming with my new creative sidekick for years to come.



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