T-9 Travel Prep.

  1. Print off all Tickets: I recently came across an article that revealed that if you aren’t an EU citizen traveling on an EU passport then you need to print off Boarding Passes with Ryanair or you’ll be charged extra and I thought, well, better be safe than sorry. So, before I head off, I’m going to make sure I print off every plane, train, and bus ticket necessary.
  2. Buy Travel Insurance: Super duper important, if you don’t have travel insurance, YOU CAN’T TRAVEL. It’s that simple. Though I did ‘wing it’ in Copenhagen back in September, however this is NOT recommended. Because you don’t know what will happen.
  3. Pack your bags gradually: Don’t leave it until the last day. Even though I still have a week and a half to go, I’m mentally thinking about which bags to take, along with which suitcases. Although I’d be checking bags, I’m also thinking about packing ultra light because that usually work out really well. Make sure you keep your valuables and important on you. So essentials like charger, adapter, and electronics, gifts for friends > clothes for me, most likely.
  4. Wait until Take-off: Or in my case, work until it’s time to go on Workcation!

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