What motivates you? What makes you proud?

“Don’t focus on the symptom, focus on the root cause.”

Yes – so, I’m a big fan of looking back and reflecting on why I do things, and why I do them the way I do. What motivates me has changed from what I thought others wanted, to what I really wanted. Despite that it looks simple when you type it out like that, it was a long and arduous process which involved a lot of soul searching and growth. It took me a long time.

The truth is, having a life that looks good isn’t as satisfying as a life lived.

What do I mean by that?

Well, everything you thought you ought to want is something that is more or less engineered by norms (or what I call the 68%) and sure you could get by easily by replicating the norm and doing everything by a ‘guidebook’ or such – but at some point you have to ask yourself if that’s actually satisfying for you – or would you be wanting more?

I no longer want things to satisfy this continuous ennui of ‘good life’ perpetuated by consumption and materialism. What is ‘good life’ or ‘enjoyable’ even is highly subjective to the individual, and to be authentic in life is what motivates me now – not only that, I see it as liberating that after I shook off the construed expectations by others, I could set self standards on what I see as being desirable in life.

That said, everyday I wake up, I continue to strive towards full potential.


2 thoughts on “What motivates you? What makes you proud?

  1. Very nice post. Good insight.
    Hey if you get time do check out my blog. it’s always nice to share thoughts. who knows you might find something interesting in my posts.

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