boredom: what it really means, and what to do about it

“I’m so bored.”

I’m sure we’ve all uttered that dreaded sentence at least once in our life. Boredom equates to a lack of things to do, or in some cases a desire to not to even bother with the many things one must do due to lack of excitement.

Thinking about the problem that is boredom however, I also realized the problem arises when the mind fails to generate ideas that leads to challenges that leads to enjoyable overall experience when problem solving.

In plain term, you are bored and watching TV because the mind is in stasis – it doesn’t have the push to form or generate new thoughts based on the flickering of lights and progression of predictable storyline played out by actors and actresses – what is necessary here is a voluntary nudge from the command centre. That now, perhaps, one should move onto new and more challenging things.

So in other words, despite we often frame ‘challenges’ in a negative light, ‘challenges’ are crucial not only to dealing with boredom, but coming up with new challenges and overcoming them it is also important in ensuring varied and optimum experiences in life.

So the next time you say to yourself, ‘oh I’m so bored,’ – I challenge you to go do something you’ve never tried before – or better yet, something that’s outside of your comfort zone, or something you’ve always wanted to do but had reserves about. The worst thing that could happen is that you try it and you absolutely hate it to the point you won’t try it again – but on the flip side there’s a world of opportunities to be explored thanks to ‘boredom’.

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