Hit Unsubscribe: what Black Friday taught me

On top of work emails, yesterday morning I woke up to a slew of emails from retailers that I periodically pay attention to, reminding me that oh yes, the Holiday Season is upon us and it is now our duty to ‘consume’ to the tunes of buy more things you don’t need just because you can.

After checking a few of them and even adding a few things to my online basket, I realized everything that is offered, although shiny and tempting, are not necessities. I already have exactly the same thing, just in a different style. The reorganized placement of a button or two does not warrant me opening my wallet and letting the funds flow.

Instead I had very specific things in mind.

I do need a new dress shirt for work, and possibly a new pair of black boots since my three year old ones are now worn out at the front from weather and multiple use and I’m proud to say I’d taken them with me and worn them on three continents.

Still after more scrolling, I realized – there’s no way I could, or should make these decisions online – because even if I get something on discount – there’s no telling about the fit or the cut.

And so, I started unsubscribing to flyers one by one after wasting time scrolling through everything. Needless to say, this is another lesson learned.


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