What’d changed in the past 3 months?

It’s kind of hard to frame that it’d been three months since quitting one of my jobs and moving forward from that, three months since I’ve started something anew – and from that three months mark, I’ve realized that I’m a lot happier now than before, mainly because, I’m no longer in the grind of doing something I don’t want to do day in day out, stuck in a toxic atmosphere where I spend more time thinking about quitting than actually doing my job.

Needless to say, never again, I refuse to put myself in the position again where my overall goals and principles misalign with what I’m putting my time towards.

Now, that said, I do realize that I’ve also been less than efficient in my day to day life due to disorganization –I’ve been working 12 hours days lately and realized that I could actually organize my life around my work and still have enough time to function and work on side projects – yes it’s possible, efficient organization is the key here.


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