Is Europe still safe to travel to?

Due to recent events, friends and family have advised me to reconsider things. Well, the thing is nothing has changed since that last post where by I expressed that I am not cancelling my trip. I am not cancelling my trip on the grounds of not putting my life on hold just because of fear, whether that fear is internally generated or externally generated.

I am well aware of what’s happening in Europe. I am well aware that now, every country in Europe is set on edge. I’d read on the news that there were school closures in Norway due to threats and there’d been false alarms in Copenhagen, and today I read there’s raids in Berlin.

However, I am not cancelling my trip.

Because cancelling is unfounded and this ‘fear’ since Paris, followed by the lockdown in Brussels is blown out of proportion. Of course, ripple effects will be felt from the attacks and precautions must be taken (in my case, in the forms of perhaps not staying out so late at some unknown parts of town and toning down on the partying) but in any case, there’s 503 Million people living in the European Union, and more if you count those countries not included in the EU. And they’ve been able to carry on with their lives since November 13th.

The truth is, there’s always going to be risks – there’s even risks in not taking risks. Just as I was walking home from work today, I saw the local police block off a street completely and from what I could observe there’s a car with the windows broken, a white sheet laid out on the street and the fire brigade and ambulance leaving the scene…

I have no idea what’d happened. Other than misfortune can befall any one of us at any given time – so with that in mind, it is ever more imperative to carry on with courage and do exactly what you set out to accomplish because they matter.

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