I’m putting off Christmas purchases

After being bombarded with ads and deals both online and in fliers I receive in the mail, I’ve been enticed to shop (round of applause for the marketers out there) – however, I’m not going to buy anything.

I don’t need them.

I may want new gym gear but I don’t need new gym gear.

I have so many NikePro gear lying around, it’s just a matter of finding them hidden somewhere in the corner of my closet. I don’t need to update them since they’re still functional, even though the branding might’ve worn off – but that’s not an excuse for me to shell out money I don’t want to spend just because the JUST DO IT sign is fading.

To add to that, I really don’t see the point of getting dressed up to the nines at the gym. Especially if the goal is to get all sweaty and gross – yeah.

I’d rather do more things, see more things, than own more things. 

And the same notion goes for all the other things I’ve been wanting – Do I really need them? Or is it just holiday marketing playing tricks on my mind?

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