12 hour days for a week, some food for thought

12 hour days x 7 days a week = no time for much of anything else.

Last week had been a hectic work week for me and it really helped to put things into perspective. Not only have I come to realize that 12 hours work days are unfeasible in the long run, I’ve also realized that I should’ve given my parents more credit – after long days at work – we’re not in the best of moods and looking back all those rows I’ve had with my parents are perhaps not at all intentional but rather a product of exhaustion and stress.

Another thing I’ve learned about working long hours, if even for a week was that organizing becomes ever more crucial and that leisure time is something that’s to be scheduled afterwards because sleep becomes king outside of work, whereas food preparations become so impossible that by the end of the week all you want to do is to cook for yourself instead of eating out…oh yes, I’ve officially eaten at Starbucks and other grab and go restaurants too much now to want to voluntarily go there and eat lunch for some time. In addition, it is highly probably that your fitness plans would also go downhill because, when you only have perhaps 10 hours to yourself, and 7 hours is for sleep – the other 3 hours for misc. trying to squeeze more activities in just seems impossible.

Now, that said. I’m off to bed!

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