I stand with Paris, I stand with France, long live Liberty!

Tragedy struck all of us on the evening of November 13th, 2015 Paris time. The magnitude of the situation goes beyond blood shed and lives lost – the repeated attacks on Paris sent shockwaves worldwide – and friends and family have been trying to talk me out of making that winter trip.

This is not the first time something had ‘happened’ in Paris, or Europe in general this year. If you were to follow the news, you’d have a clue as to what’s happening. Europe is facing a major crisis and the foiled train attack in late August gave me a bad feeling that there was definitely more to the story, which now news sources declare as ‘War in Paris’.

War on European grounds.

However, I am not cancelling my trip.

The whole point of having ‘freedom’ is to live the life you chose, and if you cannot then what’s the point of liberty and freedom and life itself? France has always been the symbol of liberty (mind you France gifted the US with the Statue of Liberty)! If you cannot chose the life for yourself, it wouldn’t be a life worth living. And if you need any convincing, just look at the Parisians, night after terrorist attack.

Freedom means being fearless.

Freedom means not submitting.

Freedom means standing up for what you believe in, and living the life you chose!


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