Happiness is when I’m under my travel budget!

Last night I did some number crunching and I’m happy to report that I’m below budget, even though I have not been too ‘restricting’ with my travel plans, in fact, this year I thought I’d go try out first class seats on trains – since I’m going to be on them a lot – hence, I splurged on those train rides, some which also include meals, thank you Swedish rails and DB Bahn! Oh and train vs. plane? It all depends on how much luggage you have and whether you’d like to sit down and enjoy the view, or get somewhere really fast. I’m hoping that I’d get some work done while on the train – which are promised to have WiFi connection.

That aside, I’ve been somewhat frugal with my stays again – the rooms I’ve booked on average are all below 100 Euros (though I know for some this number might seem a little high – but I’m a firm believer in mix and matching where it counts) and all of the places I’ve booked comes with breakfast included – which means, stuffing my face during the AM really and going out exploring for the rest of the day (to which I can already imagine how sore my legs will be) but then there will also be a lot of street food, and oh god, BEERS, yes more beer, bier, biertje, öl, øl consumed…haha, now how many languages is that?

Also another tip is prepay everything. I don’t mean pre-pay in a huge lump sum before your trip – no. I mean, incorporate your travels into your monthly bill – like for the plane tickets I’ve booked are already paid off months ahead of time. And that’s a very freeing feeling because now I only have to take care of the other 2/3 portion before my trip which gives me wiggle room for…

You guessed it.

More beers with friends!!!!

(And if I’m really adventurous, an extra city during my visit this time! Stay tuned!)


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