That one time in primary school, I hit a home-run.

I wasn’t an athletic kid.

In fact, I was a clumsy, borderline obese kid with asthma. I wasn’t sporty and it showed in that I was last to be picked for the friendly baseball game in primary school.

The last one, and it was the teacher who directed his fingers and pointed me to a team.

At that age, I happily bounced over, completely oblivious to the implications.

Now that the teams are set, we set out to the baseball diamond.

I waited, waited and waited in line and then, finally it was my turn to bat. I took over the bat and stood on the spot, and when the ball was pitched, I swung the bat as hard as I could – BAM – the sound of leather covered ball smashing onto the hollow bat and being reversed course – I saw the ball soar and the other team scramble – and that’s when I realized I should be running.

And I started, only, I was unbalanced after hitting the ball. Not three steps out. I landed chin first on the baseball field, having tripped over my own two feet and fell – at the same time, I saw that the other team were getting closer to the ball that was still rolling away on the ground. I pushed myself up, despite the scraped hands and chin, and scrambled to the nearest base, and then the next and then the next until I realized – I had outrun the ball they’re throwing back.

Why I’m remembering this incidence now? Perhaps it was one of those moments I remember because the teacher called me ‘a good sport’ after the fact. He praised me because I’d persevered, because I’d beat the odds, because I was that kid no one expected anything of.

But really, I think it’s to remind myself that miracle happens everyday, and that if you keep swinging the bat, you’ll more likely hit the ball than not. People say good preparation means better chance of success, or really I say figuring it all out on the  go is not a such a bad idea either. You win some, you lose some – but the most important lesson to be learned is that if you’re already to accomplish what you want – then you’re steps ahead of those still dreaming – hoping for the ideals.

After all, did I think I was going to hit a home-run? Nope.

But in the end I did.

I did not hope for it.

I did not even think about it.

I just went for it.

And did it.


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