creativity: everything was new and fresh, and I saw everything in a new light

I probably would not have liked this picture all that much if it wasn’t taken in Seattle.

The month was August and the nights were getting cooler – everyone was starting to wrap up. I was walking with a friend with our cameras out, when I saw the scene that’s captured on screen. And the impromptu snap I took afterwards doesn’t quite capture everything but at the same time, it reminds me of the thought process I must’ve had looking at the side profile of the girl.

“Who is she waiting for at this hour of the night?”

A taxi?

A friend?

A lover?

With her gaze locked on the distance.

She stood still as we passed by, after we passed by.

Then I started to think, how much longer she’s going to wait – if it was terribly important – when will she go home and why was she alone when everyone else walked in pairs.

Now looking at the photo – the sense of being exposed under the streetlight after dark, looking for a way to go and fast – because the temperature is dropping and soon there’d be no one on the road.


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