Why is rent in Amsterdam so high?

“Amsterdam is a victim of its own popularity.”

Or so I remember reading sometimes way back, then thinking to myself – it’s alright. That was probably in 2013. Now fast forward almost 3 years – “Woah, why is rent in Amsterdam so high?!” I say to myself as I scroll through AirBnB, various hotel booking sites, and as last resort – hostels.

I told myself I’ll never stay at the same hostel again – you just gotta try something new – so I thought, why not AirBnB, after all, AirBnB is the place where I found cheap rentals for Oslo, Norway (one of the most expensive places on earth, where a grande Starbucks latte cost $10, yup.) So imagine my surprise when I checkout dates on AirBnB for Amsterdam around the New Years…

And I realized.


I’m going to have to shell out $1,000+ for a week worth of rent aren’t I?

Yes…that’s like a month of normal rent crammed into a month. Ha ha ha, Amsterdam, you’re funny. Not.

I guess that’s the price you pay for wanting to be smack center in the middle of the action, as price often correlates positively with desirability. Still, I haven’t made a decision yet on which adorable yet expensive canal house I’m going to rent. But a part of my brain is already nagging – you deserve this for working so hard all year and forgoing all the fun – you should do it already – but the more frugal part is already fuming at me for even considering such a thing – I could do a lot with $1,000+ even book another trip – see more things.


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