Berlin is always a good idea!

So, after a lot of stressing over of where and how and why and who and what and on repeat. I decided to not stress anymore about where I’m going to be for Christmas. Instead, I took the logical approach, which city has all things I love – art, culture, bars, clubs, easily accessible by either bike or public transport and most of all character. It was an easy choice with everything given – Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Cologne, Hamburg Prague, or Budapest?

In the end, Berlin won out.

Here’s why.

Berlin is probably one of the most underrated capitals in Europe, although it is not close to the ocean nor does ancient architecture of this great city still stand – it does have the mighty Spree river to make up for view and scenes. It is very accessible the U-Bahn, S-Bahn, Tram and Buses connects the otherwise hard to navigate city. The population of Berlin is by far the highest – at 3.5 million (2012) so for sure there’s always something happening – the perks of living in a major city.

But the best point of them all.

Berlin is probably the cheapest capital city in Western Europe – yes, rent, food, transport are much cheaper when compared to Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm (I’ve compared the prices on AirBnB and checked out restaurant prices.) And of course, if you go during the Christmas season, the various outdoor Christmas markets and activities will draw you in. So why not spend the festive season in Berlin I asked myself. And thirty minutes later, everything’s booked for 1/3 the price I’m spending in all the other cities.

I think at this point it’s fair to say that I officially love Berlin. And I surely will be visiting again after Christmas.


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