if you’ve known the lowest low, then you’re ready for the highest high

Everything’s just going to be the same until the end of time.

Not true.

If your base point, if your low point is your lowest – then congratulations, you just found your starting point. You found the firm ground you’re going to be bouncing off from.

It took me a long time to realize this principle: everything don’t have to be the same all the time. All I needed was more effort and focus on building the new reality, while not getting trapped into the gravitational pull of the ground.

It’s easy to stay grounded. In fact, it’s easier to stay grounded, in a static existence, while it seems the world around you changes, constantly. It could feel like you’re the only person standing still – because you don’t know how to make leaps of faith – or maybe, you’re just too scared.

But what’s so scary?

If you’d already decided you’re at your lowest low – then what’s stopping you from reaching your highest height?

Think about it.


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