hard work means having no regrets

“Does ‘Action X’ fit my overall life narrative?” is a question I ask myself often. If something doesn’t fit, or doesn’t make sense for a goal I’m trying to pursue then ‘Action X’ is out of the question. The point is setting your priorities straight.

1. What’s the secret to realizing your dreams?

2. What’s the secret to results?

3. What’s the secret to being happy?

1 & 2 The secret lies in not looking for a secret and putting your head down to do the hard work that scares most away.

3 The secret lies in cutting through the bullshit and the noise and keeping your head clear of your goal – which is to put in the work, repeat, refine, retry, redefine.



A word that puts a lot of people off because it inspires unpleasant feelings and challenging situations.

But what if we forgot about the association for a second and dissect what the word really means:

Hard-work. Lots of work. Defined by enormous efforts put in.

Why should that be something to be avoided?

Hard work, or working hard towards something that you really care about should be the most natural thing in the world – after all, you want something right? Then you’ll have to go get it. As a society, we’ve been trained to choose comfort over discomfort and dreaming over the what-ifs while time ticks by…and that’s just life right there (read that sentence again).

It’s about pushing through the excuses and the ‘I would rather nots’ or ‘I don’t care’ – see, the thing is, if something’s important enough to you – you’d do it regardless of hassle, discomfort, pain – because if something’s that important to you – you would do it, regardless. If there’s no way – you’ll find a way – because this is about giving your all – all or nothing – no matter what it is – the second you decide that you want something, is the second you’re going have to learn how to get it – for yourself.


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