Why I’m relying heavily on AirBnB bookings this time

Because, sometimes, you just need an alternative from hostels and hotels. Because, there comes a time when a good night’s sleep becomes really appealing. In addition, AirBnB is something I haven’t tried before – and because, in cities like Oslo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm – it might be the better option, as even low end hotel rooms range from two hundred and up per night. I want to feel more at home in a city than I had. That said, AirBnB also comes in a lot more options than hostels and hotels combined. You get to choose where you stay and what kind of stay – depends on what you’re comfortable with. Also, I’m really digging this sharing economy idea behind AirBnB. So, you can look forward to my AirBnB reviews and experience at a later date!!


3 thoughts on “Why I’m relying heavily on AirBnB bookings this time

  1. Cool..! I have tried airbnb once when we had gone to Niagara Falls. it was a wonderful experience and the host (although she didn’t meet us personally) was very kind and had kept everything neat and clean. It’s indeed a different and fun experience than the regular hotels (plus it can be a lot cheaper at times 😉 )

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