That awkward moment when I realize: I won’t be in Stockholm this year.

So I’m flying into Oslo, checking out Gothenburg, going to Copenhagen, visiting Hamburg, making a stop at Cologne then Amsterdam… you see this is all a geographically sound journey? Why? Because the journey runs from North to South, getting ever closer to Amsterdam:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 7.54.44 PM

It all looks something like that. Now, see where Stockholm is situated? Yes. The East Coast of Sweden. If I were to say, go from Oslo to Stockholm, I’d either have to fly, or take a train to Gothenburg first then go. However, given I only have 20 days to do things, Stockholm has become too out of my way to see on this trip. Not only that, even if I was to spend the extra $100 to get there by train, I’d have to look for a place to stay and Stockholm, while a gorgeous city that I absolutely love, budget stays are notoriously hard to come by. In fact, from experience, staying at the city center and trying to stick to budget is pretty much impossible with comfort and quality in mind. So alas, I won’t be in Stockholm this year given that it’s not cost effective. But, of course, there’s always next year!


4 thoughts on “That awkward moment when I realize: I won’t be in Stockholm this year.

  1. Think strategically is important. Which direction is better and affordable for your trip then take it. If you want some tips for Cologne and Amsterdam, feel free to ask me 🙂
    Enjoy travels

      1. I would recommend you to go to the Köln Triangle if you want to see the city from above. It only costs 3e and you can see the Cathedral as well. Ehrenfeld is a cool area because you will find a lot of walls with graffiti and a lot of good café’s (if you need a list of cafe, i could provide too). Belgisches Viertel is a good place to hang as well.
        For shopping, well there is that one famous street. But Ehrenstrasse is quite nice to check out more premium products.
        For party, drinks are good and cheap at Zülpicherplatz.
        Take the train 1 or 7 to University stop, there is a park there which is very nice to chill.
        ehm…. there are quite a lot so depends how long you are gonna stay for

      2. I’m going to have to c&p all of this in a document! I’m most likely going to spend a week there since moving around too quick/too soon is not budget friendly. Thank you so much for the suggestions! 🙂

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