Reducing meat consumption for sustainability, yes, I jumped the bandwagon.

Two headlines grabbed my attention this week. One, Processed meats do cause cancer – WHO and two, Disturbing Aerial Photos Show What Killing Billions Of Animals For Meat Is Doing To The Environment – the latter of the two moved me more than the first – okay, not to say I don’t care about my health, I do – but, the latter article gave me more reasons to stop eating meat than the former.


What we’re doing to the environment is going to last for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and it is a collective issue of the previous generations, this generation and many generations to come.

And quite frankly this is an issue I can’t quite ignore anymore. In the past, I’ve tried to be ‘vegetarian’ for various lengths of time, but it never seemed to have worked out as I’ve either gotten lazy or the vegetarian options just didn’t seem that appealing to someone who grew up on a omnivore diet… I was always told that you need ‘animal protein’ for optimum health. Now I think about it…do we really need to eat factory farmed and medicated animals for optimum health? And sure, there are organically raised and humanely farmed animals as well, though I’m sure the methods used are healthier and more sustainable, but wouldn’t solve the problem either (or at least, I can’t see a way that it would.)

In the meantime, I’m going to slowly wean myself off of meat while I research this issue further, and consult my vegetarian friends (who are happy that I decided to join them.)


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