Sunday is best for Cappuccinos and Conversations

Treat yourself, or better yet, treat the people in your life that you appreciate. I volunteered to get brunch with mom this weekend, why? Because we’ve both been working hard and it just feels like we don’t have time for each other anymore, that and because I’m running off again in 50 days, so I had to make a priority to sit down with her and treat her to some tiramisu in this gem of a cafe I found in the city as of late. Yes. I liked the cafe so much I went there for lunches often and still make visits on weekends, usually with friends, or in this case, with my mom.

We talked.

About a lot of things.

But mostly she talked about things her generation cared about and I listened.

Sure there’s a bit of a generation gap going in the conversation, but I let my mom talk and listened on as she polished off the entire tiramisu we said to share.


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