Do it anyways: what to do when you just don’t want to.

I tell myself to: “do it anyways” when I just don’t feel like it.

For example, yesterday morning I almost did not get up early enough to go where I was supposed to go – but then I started thinking. I’d made a promise to drop something off before work, yes there’s extra effort involved, but I’ve already made the promise – so now, my laziness would not only affect myself, but another person, and cancelling on the last minute would require even more effort at a later time, because of hassle of rescheduling – we’re both very busy.

“You might not get another chance.”

Just do it anyways.

And so I did.

I got up, put on no less than six layers (yes it’s gotten ridiculously cold here) and headed out. The air was damp and chilly when I opened the door and because it was so early, I was surrounded by half darkness and half light – it would be easy to turn back then, but I didn’t. Why? Because, all that I’ve done before hand wouldn’t have made sense if I just turned around and slid back to the warmth and comfort of my home – it would’ve been counterproductive – undoing all my work from getting up in the cold to getting myself out the door – so I proceeded just to fulfill that little promise I made.

Afterwards, at work, I realized the little change up in my routine gave me an extra boost, because I’d already accomplished something small despite the resistance, rest of my day was more productive than usual – why? Because I already did something I didn’t really want to. I felt that I’d accomplished something – even though it was very small. I felt more open and ready for challenges that headed my way. So, really, the point of this blog post is not really celebrating I kept a promise – but more so that once you start by doing something small, you could eventually build yourself up to face bigger more daunting challenges.


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