What can you build in 60 days?

Do you ever get bored, and just Google?

I do.

And so, I decided to randomly google, what you can build in 60 days (out of boredom).

Apparently, you could build a lot of things in under not even 60 days, but 30 days (though apparently habits need 12 weeks to form fully.)

Except this got me thinking,

What can you build in 60 days, truly?

Because Google will tell you, you don’t need 60 days, 30 days, or even 20 days to accomplish some of the great feats – as you can see from some of the outrageous titles.

Days, time constraint is just something that’s made up.

This morning at the office, coworker looked at the clock and said: ‘you have 6 minutes, you can finish this.’

By this, they mean the report I was only writing…and I had only started on paragraph one…

How can I churn out that many paragraphs and just word vomit onto a page in that many minutes?

Apparently, the coworker believed in my abilities – or maybe she just hated the idea of procrastination and leaving things undone…

So now the question becomes: what would I like to build/do in the next 60 days just for fun and have something to show for?

PS: suggestions appreciated.


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