social media detox, unplugging for health

The alarm on your phone goes off abruptly.

You wake up, annoyed that another day had started to soon. To wake yourself, even before you even reach the coffee machine, you swipe off the alarm and see a mountain of new notifications and email. You decide to open an app:


And it just doesn’t stop there.

Everything is in the palm of your hands, or so it feels like – except your attention span is stretched sheer even your day had begun. Your mind already clouded by the overload of information, some 80% are useless junk. Then you get up from the bed, with your mind wandering to who knows where.

I know I’m not alone in waking up this way. I know there is probably a meme on the internet somewhere about this, or the polar opposite – of trying to fall asleep but being unable to, because of blue LED light emitted by our smartphones, tablet and laptop screens. I know there’s probably countless people like me around the world who do the same thing and not realize the trend that’s negatively affecting their focus and potentially harming their health.

Hence, this Friday, I’ve decided to log out of all of my accounts (other than email, because of work) and just focus on sorting my life’s priorities out without the help of social media for once.


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