connect: what’s wrong with me in my own city?

Why is it that I always meet creatives from across the world and connect with them, yet when I meet with people in my city, there’s no such connection.

Recently I met a young creative from Vienna (around my age) and I fast realized we have a lot in common, everything from our general outlook on life, down to the way we dressed. Our interests are similar and I would rank my new friend as being extremely intelligent, not to mention well traveled, with an assortment of travel stories to share.

I start to get more confident, as if I’m not so strange after all.

Every time I meet someone like me, I get a feeling of validation.

Then I started thinking back, why does this always happen?

It certainly isn’t because of a shared cultural influence…except then I realized, from the age of 14 or so, the media I found myself consuming are generally not from this continent. Yes. In the 00s, I was listening to music produced by German DJs instead of whatever was trending in North America at the time…it’s a general trend, from fashion down to sports…I can tell you who my favourite soccer goal keep is, from which soccer club, but I can’t do the same with any other sport…

Of course, I realized I’d probably been unconsciously doing this cultural ‘creep’ for longer than I realize. Things I seek out to consume in the media…I generally pay more attention to what’s going on in Europe and Asia, than the continent than I’m on…for example, even as I sit here type this, getting ready to go to work, I regret not being in Amsterdam right now. Yes. All my favorite DJs are performing in Amsterdam Dance Event.

I tell myself never again. I would rather not waste more time here. Just the other day, my parents were talking to me about home ownership…and all I can think about was no…No….NO and you guessed it, NO. I really can’t find a reason to chain myself down for the next twenty years or so, and frankly, I don’t want to.


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