If only Icarus had solar powered wings…

In hindsight, some ideas are not so crazy.

We’ve long gained the ability to fly on a massive scale.

And now, flight no longer that far-fetched idea to be regarded with suspicion.

So, when people say ‘impossible’ or ‘no way’, I on the other hand am not so easily deterred.

Chances are, when there’s a problem there is a solution.

And when there’s 1 solution, there’s likely 5 others just like it, and if there can be 5 ideas, there can easily be 50 more.

When problems arise, it’s not always disaster – I see it as opportunity. Whether it be opportunity for innovation – or just plain opportunity for doing things a different way. If the way you go about it the first time didn’t work out, take another approach. Sooner or later, you’re going to get a working solution, all the while, becoming that much closer to the goal.


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