what working 50+ hours weeks taught me…

  1. You’ll have to accept that you don’t have the time: yes, when you spend your days at work, there’s very little ‘time’ to be had when you’re not ‘on’ and therefore, all those ‘time’ you’re used to wasting, forget it. You’re either on the road or working, which means everything else takes a backseat. Gym? What gym? You won’t even have time to cook or clean, reserve that for weekends. 

  2. You’ll have to do everything on ‘the go’: things cannot be postponed when you don’t have time. It’s either you do something now, or you write it off, there’s no postponing, because there will be other things that come up!

  3. You’ll have to eat out, a lot: this might be one of the ‘perks’ people think about when they think about non-stop work weeks, or so people think, but you learn very quickly what type of food is cost effective and what type of food makes you drowsy in the afternoon, not to mention there’s copious amounts of caffeine products consumed at work. This is going to add up, but if you ask me if I want a cold soggy sandwich vs. something just made and warm, I’ll take the latter, on any given day. This might keep you sane, but of course will set you back financially.
  4. You’ll end up getting to know your coworkers really well: it’s like you practically live together, you see them more than you see anyone else…yes, let that just sink in for a moment…
  5. You’ll end up cancelling on your friends and not all of them are going to be happy: or even comprehend you could even be that busy…maybe it’s time to prune that circle again?
  6. You’ll develop unhealthy habits and understand ‘adulthood’: so the next time you meet someone else with the same lifestyle as you, you learn to cut them some major slack…but this is not to say you won’t correct your new vices.
  7. You’ll have to keep active on the days you do get off:  this might be counter-productive, but the best thing you could do for yourself is to keep going, keep active, keep living at this new pace because life doesn’t wait – spending the entire morning in bed is just not an option for you anymore – there are too many things to do and you won’t even have time to wonder how it got this way in the first place #LIFE amrite?
  8. You’ll get addicted to this pattern: no matter how much you resent this, you’ll end up operating on this speed and you start to wonder what you’re doing before, wasting all this time wondering what you should/could be doing. Even on days you feel like everything’s against you, you tell yourself ‘this too shall pass’ and it does, every single time. Then afterwards, you remind yourself, if you work this hard, you could definitely party harder later and that’s all it matters.

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