Finding a New Normal

“When you know what happiness is, you won’t accept anything less than that.” – Yours Truly.

I’ve been meaning to write this while on the road, though that had proven to be difficult. When your day is filled with so much activity and movement it’s just not enough. I’ve only sat down once alone in a cafe in the city centre of København to check my emails, scroll through sites and of course, update this blog with an one sentence post. I’ve been up to many things in between, but what I found most rewarding was the time I got to spend with my friend.

I’ve realized that life is so much more fun when you’re 120% engaged, and time flies by so fast when you’re immersed and you’re knocking on adventure’s door, expanding your horizons and learning new boundaries, but then maybe breaking through them on the same night.

I’ve learned to be curious again (which is kind of the magic of traveling to a culture different from yours, yes, even though Denmark is considered ‘western’ culture, it’s still different from North American, rest assured.) I’ve learned to be uncomfortable, take risks and be bold. I’ve learned and realized, once again, in five days more than I had in the past few months – possibly because I was also giving it 120% on the daily, just being my best.

Take home point is – this should be the ‘norm’ no matter where I am.

120% focus and engagement will be my new norm. I’m going to make it happen.


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