Altstadt: quaint German beerhall in the middle of Seattle

If I had to pick a favorite restaurant in Seattle, it’d be Altstadt hands down.

Altstadt, the German word for ‘old town’, definitely lives up to its name.

Even though I’ve only visited this haunt twice, the experiences were stellar to the point I know I’ll come back for sure. From the outside, Altstadt’s completely wooden interior looks barely lit. This of course is no mistake. The dimly lit interior creates an air of mystery, inviting diners to take a second look into its authentic beerhall design. Yes, beer hall, right in my backyard.

When you walk in, there’s a certain sense of coziness to the lighting and interior. You feel warmed up even before the beers start flowing. You’re invited to take a seat, any seat, at the bar or at one of the long tables.


The kitchen is open concept so you get to watch the chefs at work while enjoying your brew.DSC_5325

Another cool thing is that all of their food are made in house, while their drinks are all imported from Europe, mainly Germany but there are also Austrian beers, which is definitely a treat if you’re looking to save yourself the 1k + 20 hours in plane ticket and travel time (back and forth). So what did I get whilst at Altstadt this time?


Ta-da, fresh black kale salad with pumpernickel bread croutons and white Belgian endives with pickled onions, and leberwurst (liver sausage with pumpernickel bread) – the photo does not do the meal justice. Every bite of the salad is flavourful and possibly the best black kale salad I’ve ever had. The leberwurst which is made in house spread on pumpernickel bread balances out the otherwise vegetarian meal. The two dishes were very filling, after eating about half of each, I decided to take everything else to go (for midnight snacking purposes). The best part is, the entire meal came under $15 (including tips). So the last time I was complaining about American food here’s my solution, go to Altstadt and try one of their many salads which is freshly prepared, or if you’re not much of a salad eater – try one of their wursts (sausages) or side dishes with some authentic German beer. I guarantee, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

PS: If those of you are reading this and happen to be in town between September 18-20, 2015. The restaurant is celebrating Oktoberfest (which legit means soft chewy pretzels and 1L beer shoe on tap, drink your heart out!)


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