whatever happened to freedom of speech??

This article landed on my newsfeed in the afternoon, and if the comedian’s claims that YouTube suspended her account over 1 YouTube video, then I question. (Of course, some question whether or not this comedian actually had her account suspended, some suspect she’d deactivated her account herself to garner attention. Assuming that she is telling the truth, then:)

1. Whatever happened to the freedom of speech?

2. When did the topic get so hot, that the act of raising questions, became controversial?

3. Shouldn’t more accounts be suspended then over questionable content?

Yes, I’m well aware of societal pressures and the pressures to fit in and that acceptance is a positive thing. However, watching this video, I’d have to say she did raise some good points and not in any way sugarcoated. The video in itself had the aim to be blunt and humorous. Though I could see that some would be offended by her deliver of content. Still, if her claims are true, I’m a little disgusted by what’d transpired. If her claims turn out to be false, then I’m very disgusted with her for pulling this stunt – either way, I’m eager to know, even though it’s clear that the answer wouldn’t be pretty.


3 thoughts on “whatever happened to freedom of speech??

  1. People nowadays get offended over entirely too much – when, they could do just as I did….STOP the video and do something else.

    I’m all about freedom of speech and when I don’t like something; I just turn it off. Simple!

    1. Indeed. You could also absorb their views without agreeing with them. I think that’s where respect for each other come in. Also she’s a comedian, which means her material is to be taken lightheartedly. I’m also waiting on YouTube to comment, whether she took the account down herself, or they actually suspended it.

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