we are all sum of parts

This picture wouldn’t be whole if each of those lights did not light up at the same time. If the cars were coincidentally parked in their garages instead of being out on the highway, or if I wasn’t on the Space Needle at that moment in time, then this photograph would’ve looked very different.

Such is life.

The bigger picture is always the sum of its parts. And to understand the bigger picture we might seek to take everything apart and examine each part separately, systematically, one by one. However, to do so, we’d be paradoxically neglecting the bigger picture itself – where the crucial parts interact – every cause and effect and happening matters – to truly figure things out, one must take on a birds eye view, rather than microscopic view. Often, it’s not the parts that are broken, but it’s the perspective that needs changing.

Give yourself a boost and stand higher.

To see, to feel, to grow.


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