And so, I quit (one of my jobs that is)

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, well. I was busy working then quitting one of my jobs.

I’d explored the perks of having two or more jobs in a previous post, I’d since gained more insights on my work life and potential career path for myself (yes, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life at the ripe old age of almost 26…) and the route explored with this particular company was again, not my passion. Although I have to say, this job I’d just left introduced me to a wide range of extremely cool people, it was also more trouble than it was worth and I’m proud to say, I’ve learned from my manager and her manager and the higher up command, how to NOT manage a company. Even if I’m just a lowly employee – there are things I cannot tolerate – such as not treating even your lowly employees with respect (if there’s no respect, then there’s no mutual respect. That’s just how I operate.)

And in the end, for all the dazzling glory they promised but never delivered on, I decided my time was more valuable than what I had to deal with at work. So in the end, no hard feelings – I’m glad I explored that avenue, but in the end its just another job. What I also realized while working there is that, while great people can get you through tough challenges but in the end if your core values do not align with the company’s, then it really is time to move on. I will miss the times I’ve worked with my friends and hope them all the best in the future.


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