packing: why it is beneficial to pack light

I like to think of myself as an experienced traveler, yet packing is one of those things I’m continuously learning about. In my latest city break to Seattle, I had yet again overpacked my overnight bag and my backpack ended up heavier than I would’ve liked (despite that I left my trusty laptop at home, among all other comforts).

From experience, travel packing is about functionality, vacation packing is another thing (with vacation packing having more leeway for more ‘stuff’ since you’re going on holiday to ‘indulge’ so pack all those things you actually won’t be needing). But really, when you’re traveling, the last thing you want is something weighing you down after you checked out of your hotel/hostel and you have to lug it around while you sightsee.

For this trip, I packed an extra shirt, sweater, pair of jeans which I did not use. I also did not use the eBook and travel journal I brought as nearly as much as I thought. Why did I think I would have time to change clothes and read lots while on the road? I have no idea.

From this experience, for an overnight trip, all I really needed was my phone, my charger, my camera, the clothes I started the journey in.

And what I should’ve added was a water bottle, a lock, a towel to the mix.

What are some of your packing tips? Feel free to let me know in the comment section! 🙂


9 thoughts on “packing: why it is beneficial to pack light

  1. Packing light is difficult! Even for a minimalist like myself, it is a challenge. I always think I might need something for those “just in case” scenarios (even though I never end up actually needing it). With every trip I take, I am slowly getting better and more ruthless at packing only what I know I will use and need. If I am debating about bringing something and I know that it is something I can buy at my destination (if I needed it), then I don’t bring it with me. I now travel with only a 48 litre backpack as a carry-on and am loving the freedom I have! The best part is being able to bypass the line-ups and waiting for picking up checked baggage, and physically having a lighter load to carry is an amazing feeling. 🙂

      1. That is the biggest benefit for me! It feels so amazing to be one of the only (if not, THE ONLY) person who can proudly walk past the checked baggage area and be on your way, while everyone else stands there for quite a while… waiting and missing out on time at their destination. Less is more, in so many areas of life 🙂

  2. The biggest step I’ve taken is in getting a new piece of cabin luggage, I’ll use that to practise the art of packing light. As the size is limited, the things I can take will also likewise be limited. It’s daunting as I’m the chronic over-packer but hey, what’s life without a challenge!?

      1. I hate backpacks for some reason, even though they are more convenient than trolleys. Oh well, I’m already testing my boundaries. Slowly and steady and all that… 😛

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