this is why I rarely argue with people

I’d lost my voice that day at work, long before my coworker announced to me candidly.

“You look like death!!”

He said it in a way that made me zip straight to the nearest reflective surface so I can see myself. After which, I wondered that if he had a bucket of holy water, would he dump it on me?

Jokes aside, I was feeling the effects of the weather, compounded by that flu I seemed to have picked up in Seattle, and million other things I had in my mind.

By the time I could go, I was more or less brain dead. I couldn’t physically deal with anything anymore. It’d all had to stop.

So I got on the train, took the train to my stop home, except then there was a guy blocking the exit. So I said quietly in all the voice I had left, ‘excuse me’ as the train stopped so I can get off. But then I guess he didn’t hear me, so, not wanting to miss my stop I squeezed past him in a hurry.

In which he yelled. “You should’ve said excuse me!”

Imagine my surprise, I turned around and said. “I said excuse me,”

His response? “You said nothing.”

“Whatever.” I shrugged and got off, but anger boiled inside of me. It wasn’t my fault he didn’t hear me, he got angry because he didn’t hear me. I didn’t have energy to argue, nor do I want this to escalate – still, I’m angry – angry that stupid things like these happen after a long day at work, angry that I have to deal with them even though it’s so unnecessary. Why did I let him think whatever? Because, it’s just easier. He already had the perception that I was rude. Arguing with him was only going to confirm that notion.


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