essential travel tip: bring your own, and lots of it.

I am back and absolutely exhausted. 2 days in Seattle had been hectic to say the least. For one, my friend and I probably covered 40 miles in the city on foot just to see it (underneath the hot hot sun as well). We went to every tourist-y trap Seattle is known for, from tasting overpriced beer at the Space Needle, to committing nutritional atrocities at the Cheesecake factory, then visiting The First Starbucks, Westlake Park, Volunteer Park, and the Museum of History and Industry and of course, the famous Waterfront where Pike Market is located. It was … so much walking (and I’m accustomed to walking everywhere in my own city!) At the time of this post, I’m happy to report I’m back in my own home, lounging on my own bed and drinking lots and lots of water.

Water, which I had conveniently forgotten about since I had expected the stuff to be plentiful around the city. Like tap water is perfectly drinkable right (at least where I come from), a test from the taps of Seattle during dinner made me raise my brows. The tap water tasted chalky, hence I stayed away from the stuff, thinking I’ll survive if I just load up on the stuff with ice in it (you know, the stuff they serve at restaurants). In hindsight, that was really stupid. What ended up happening was me drinking tons of coffee (well, Seattle is the coffee capital, so…perfect excuse there) and finishing up my friend’s teas and checking out a lot of tea shops in the process (which all could’ve been avoided if I just brought along an empty water bottle and an water filter that fitted on the faucet.

Well, lesson learned.


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