Why I’m not breaking the news to my parents just yet…

As in, I was approved of requested time off from work, but I haven’t told my parents.

At least not yet, why?

Because, they tend to over worry and ask too many questions. Case and point, why is it okay for me to go a State over, but not okay for me to hop on a plane and go further, into another continent? Even if its just for a few days? Even if I have the resources and capabilities to do so?

It is as if parents have this built in alarm that gives off paranoia – or, you know, maybe I’m just sheltered and overprotected. Or maybe they think a cross-continental trip will cost a lot of money and I’m not being ‘wise’? Or is it because they don’t believe in me crashing with my friends and all the shenanigans I’ll get up to with said friends?

Well, these 21 days will be my chance to prove myself once and for all, because I don’t want a repeat of 2013.

“When are you going to let me go mom, when I’m 25 (hah, nope), 27, 30, 35, 40!?!”

I’ve long accepted that I needed to be away and do my own thing and live my own life.

In the times I’ve voiced my aspirations they dismissed me and ignored me. Now I can only hope they’ll continue their dismissive streak, because I’d rather not deal with the alternative – another lecture on what constitutes a happy and productive life.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m not breaking the news to my parents just yet…

  1. No matter my age my parents always had advice to share and this was the favorite: “Be careful”. I would nod and say “I will”. I’ve been a parent myself for almost 20 years and now I understand. It’s just one of the ways we show our love and care. My dad and I talked about this a lot: he said that his concern for his girls would never go away. He thought about us and prayed for us every single day. In fact, when my parents were sick I would not share certain things with them because I didn’t want them to worry.

    It may be annoying but it’s your parents’ way of showing their love and care.

    1. Thank you for the wise words. I try to see things from their perspectives as well, and like you, I don’t want them to worry, hence not telling them now. So they don’t have to worry more than they need to šŸ™‚

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