how to save offline maps on Google Maps

In the previous post I touched upon saving yourself money and grief by pre-planning your telecommunication prior to traveling. And in that post I briefly went over how to save offline maps on Google Maps (which is really simple) in this post I created a mini tutorial that explains the process in details.

Step 1: Open up Google Map app on your phone when you still have wi-fi connection, and make sure you’re logged into your Google Account (which is essentially your Google Gmail Account). Now, tap on the triple striped button just in front of the Google search bar. You’ll get the side bar that looks like the left hand side image. Now, select ‘Your places’.

Step 2: Scroll down to the very bottom of ‘Your places’, depending on how much you use google Maps you might see a lot of saved places, scroll down to the very bottom until you see ‘my saved places’ and of course, offline areas (you can see my old maps from my last trip which I’ve downloaded and are now expired, Google keeps the offline maps active for 30 Days, after that you can redownload the area). If you’re new to this, you should see a command that says, ‘Download A New Offline Area’ tap on that and proceed, if not, you’ll need to click on ‘View All and Manage’, which will lead you to the command ‘Download A New Offline Area.’

Step 3: Select “Download New Offline Area”.

Step 4: Select the area you want saved, as you can see here I’ve pulled up the map of Seattle for my trip. You can zoom in or out of the map to get your desired selected area. Of course, if the area you’re saving is too large, you could always save it in multiple maps for later use. Once you’re done, hit ‘Save’

Step 5: And viola, your map is now saved and ready to be used offline. Though it is important to note that offline maps do have their draw backs, you can’t route around the map and any finer detail that’s not saved in a generic map, like bus stops and buildings might be lost – but hey, a map is better than no map and your GPS system will help you navigate smoothly in most cases.


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