travel safety: in light of train attack in France

“Gunman open fired on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris…”

I felt goosebumps rising on every inch of my skin when my eyes swept over the words. The chilling sensation set in before my brain even fully processed. All I focused on was Amsterdam and Paris – sight of the Thalys branded train in the background of the article sent another chill through me, to which I start to worry if it is a good idea anymore to visit Paris alone like I’d planned later this year.

Yes. There’s a trend here, even though I haven’t been following all that closely.

If anyone remembers, first there was the Charlie Hebdo Attack, on January 7th 2015. I remember this because I was in Amsterdam at the time and note that Amsterdam is only 3 hours and 18 minutes away from Paris by train. I’d looked it up. And of course like all wanderlust afflicted individuals, thought about boarding the Thalys train to get some pain et fromage in the city of love.

Then, there is the lesser well known mass shooting spree in Copenhagen. Yes. Copenhagen. Possibly one of the safest capitals in the world, according to wikipedia, “on 14–15 February 2015, shootings occurred in Copenhagen, Denmark. Two victims and the suspected perpetrator were killed, while five police officers were wounded.”

May 6, 2015: Curtis Culwell Center Attack, interesting to note that Geert Wilders is one of the guest speakers in attendance was Geert Wilders.

And now, August 21, 2015, the train attack in France, where a massacre would’ve occurred if it wasn’t for the three heroic man confronting the perpetrator.

That’s 4 attacks this year across the western world.

Statistically speaking, it is still very safe to travel. Think about how many trains that actually run from Paris to Amsterdam everyday, out of a 365 cycle – and this is only one incident. The same goes for planes, you’re still statistically in more danger when on a high-way, than in an airplane.

However, these attacks do spook me out in the worst ways possible, though possibly not for obvious reasons. They spook me out because I simply can’t understand why people would rather destroy one another than finding peaceful solutions to problems.


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