how to mentally prepare for a run

You have your running shoes on and laced up tight and you’re all decked out in your workout gear. You check your ponytail and give yourself one last look in the mirror and then…

You hesitate.

“I have to run ‘X’ miles and ‘X’ minutes.” – you might find yourself think, and you’re inclined to take everything you’d just put on so you could crawl back into bed and snooze for an extra hour. But of course, like most problems out there, there’s a solution.

Question: How to get yourself to run for ‘X miles and X minutes’?

Solution: Get out of the door.

Yes. Don’t turn back and take off your shoes. You’ll only feel guilty for ‘skipping’ a workout. The best way to go about this is really simple: just head out of the door and let the cold air hit you and wake you up a little bit. Alternatively, you could focus on the feeling of accomplishment you realized from your previous workout. Imagine that good feeling after a run and how energized you are after it. Focus on what you enjoy about running, or working out, rather than what needs to be accomplished – because the accomplishment will accomplish itself, if you learned to embrace and love the process.

Also realize that, these simple tips have nothing to do with the numbers – the miles, the time nor the distance. Not every victory can be quantified – of course beating your old time is thrilling, but first and foremost – it’s never about the end result, but how much you enjoyed the process.


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