the perks of having two or more jobs

“Everyone in this city works two jobs.” she says with a laugh that’s neither forced nor amused. 

Just because it’s Sunday, doesn’t mean we stop.

Sadly, this is statement doesn’t illicit shock anymore.

It seems nowadays, everyone has something other than their main job going on the side. You could call it a gig, a passion, or a side project – doesn’t matter what. But at the end of Sunday, I find myself getting up, readying to go – yes, a gig, a side project, something to do that you’re also compensated for. Sounds grand yes?

Yes. There are perks of having something to do daily – a daily reminder that one must maximize efficiency – but often than not, the downside is more pronounced than the upside.

Working two or more jobs is exhausting. Not just physically, but also mentally. There’s ample preparation to be done beforehand, such as talking to your employers (if you’re employed by others) about your schedule and making sure the two or more jobs you hold down conflict with one another. There’s also the showing up to not one, but two jobs – at the end of the day, you better be prepared. Then there’s the home front – where, let’s just say things are a little disorganized than usual. But at the same time, there’s ample perks of having two jobs:

  1. Less of an incentive to spend (since you’re working all the time, though your food bill might go up due to…well also no time to cook…opps.)
  2. Exposure to new concepts and ideas, and learning things you’d never be exposed to.
  3. Learning daily about things you had no idea about, then being challenged to dig deeper, which in turn opens up your mind to new creative ventures.
  4. Meeting awesome people in not only one field, but perhaps two.
  5. Perspective and confidence in knowing that you’re multi-talented and can adapt to new situations.
  6. Total annihilation of boredom (this is a big one for me, I’d rather be doing something, than doing nothing and getting paid for it in the process. It’s thrilling.)
  7. Getting out of the house with purpose? ’nuff said.

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