sorting out junk media

I was at the grocery store the other day and like any other day, at the checkout, I frowned and thought, ‘who cares’ after eyeing glossy cover pages of magazines. 

I was confronted with a series and by series, I mean no less than a dozen front page covers of gossip and by no means are these gossip titles kind. But let’s backtrack shall we? Since when does celebrities have anything to do with me, or I with them?

See the thinking?


I might be a fan of a characterization, a portrayal, but am I a fan of the person? Probably not.


Keeping up with gossip is time consuming and the information are at best intriguing, at worst complete junk.

I never got the hype about celebrities, or cared enough to keep up with anyone. Celebrities, whether we see them on the big screen or on TV or on Netflix even, are completely strangers to us. We might feel like we know them from their roles – but off the screen I think they’re just like you and me, and trust me, I’ve seen celebrities in real life – no, I didn’t go all starstruck and run up to them for photos and autographs.

Instead, I saw them and looked away like I would any stranger – okay, yes I’ll admit, there’s a second of my heart beating fast, because some of them are really gorgeous, but so what? To me they’re just another attractive stranger – so it’s fascinating when my friends start to discuss celebrity gossip as if getting every detail down to the tee is crucial. While, on the other hand, I’m at best, only half comprehending. Though I admit, I’m more interested in why people care so much about complete strangers that have nothing to do with them.


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