how to measure progress and produce results

“But I spent so much time on it!”

Is something I hear often. But wait, what does that mean?

Does it mean you spent: ‘x number of hours on a project while surfing the web and checking your email every five minutes’ or do you mean, ‘I crammed it for x amount of hours the night before’ or do you mean, ‘I went to work for eight hours and snoozed through most of it,’ or is it,’I sat down with myself everyday, for an hour and tried my hardest to work on this project.’

Time is the real universal currency (if you think about it). How you decide to spend your time is then reflected in every area of your life (think about it). We are all given the same 24 hours and surely, there’s effective and ineffective ways of allocating your time for a purpose – or even multi-purposes.

Time is a factor in productivity – however, the relationship isn’t linear by any means. Logging in more hours at something does not mean better results in the end, you might even get worse results than if you’d just left it as is.

Time is also not an accurate measure of progress – so you’ve spent 60 hours on something – doesn’t mean you’ve progressed as someone else spending 35 hours on the same. There’s time and there’s ‘effort’ – in studying, that boils down to how much of the material was retained and understood. At work, that might be a number on a chart – if you’re not seeing the results – then backtrack and look for clues. It might be something other than spending tons of time, hint: focus and effort. Again, it isn’t about counting time. It’s about making the time count.


3 thoughts on “how to measure progress and produce results

  1. Very true. Just because you spent so much time at something does not mean that you were productive with that time. I’ve had that exact scenario happen to me before that you mentioned where I got side tracked with everything trying to complete a task. You really got to learn when you’re most productive and how you can be most productive to make good use of your time. Great post!

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