I ran out of ideas then I took a walk

I was experiencing one of the worst creative ruts I’ve ever encountered.

It starts like this: a small discomfort, something you can’t put a finger on. Then it migrates and expands – this nagging feeling then becomes bothersome. You can no longer sit still. So you grab some water and some snack, go back to your desk and then power through, except you can’t focus. Nothing seems to be going right, all due to some nagging feeling you can’t place a finger on.

You try to push it aside, except then you realize you might need to take a break – as in get outside and get some air so you don’t feel like battery caged chicken. You look through the window longingly – what good will that do? I have so much to do!!

You struggle for maybe another ten minutes, then you give up and push away from the desk. Still skeptical, you put on your running shoes.

The first rush of cold air hits you signalling its almost fall.

You take that first few steps out, feeling rather silly that you’re power walking away from your problems…first block, second block, you check twice for cars, then you power on – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, before you know it, your heart’s pumping, blood’s flowing and then the serendipitous ‘aha!’ hits before you know you’re racing back to complete your work.

Moral of the story: breaks are productive, exercise is not a waste of time.


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