amsterdam dance event 2015, I won’t be there.

ADE or Amsterdam Dance Festival is the biggest club festival and according to iamsterdam the world’s leading electronic music conference. This year marks the 20th anniversary and of course, there’s a grand celebration. The five days festival is taking place from October 14 – 18th in Amsterdam – and, knowing me, I’d snooped for plane tickets, did quick number crunching and heaved a heavy sigh at the end.

Reality is, I could make it. Except then, I’d end up breaking the bank and then I won’t be able to make my winter trip. Alas, I had to be realistic about it. Even though it would be cool to see some of my friends in the city, I decided it just wasn’t worth the extra cost of 1k on the trip, the festival pass which doesn’t come cheap and I can only imagine that accommodation must be crazy expensive when a city’s hosting a big festival like this.

Do I want to go nuts for 5 days?


But not for the price tag.

But one day, I will make it! Not only ADE, but also Tomorrowland (if I’m still a big fan)!

I pinky promise myself.


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