40 days until Copenhagen, the countdown is officially on!

No words. Ever since I landed back in January, I’ve been looking forward to getting up in the air again. I can say I have an addiction in going somewhere physically. For me to feel good, I have to be moving forward, somewhere, constantly moving. I feel restless when grounded, the reason is very simple, there is adventure out there and adventure is stimulating, while day to day life is more or less mundane. 

I’ve also gotten over the dilemma I’ve had a while ago, should I take the fastest flight back, or sleep in the airport. I pick inconvenience over convenience. Why? Because, I actually have my eyes on super cheap plane tickets once again…I know I know, it’s probably better if I just moved or something, but at the moment that’s not possible. What is possible however is a longer stay, as in the longest yet. The Schengen area has a rule, without visa, I’m permitted to stay 90 days out of a 180 days period. Hence, next year, I’m hoping to be there for at least two months, three if I plan it out correctly.

What is also very good news is that, one of my jobs actually end on September 14th and on the 15th I’m flying off. Hah. Yeah. I didn’t know how that happened but it just did and I’m grateful for that extra boost of income and sleeping in airport to save up for extraneous fees so I can travel again sooner and for longer.

Hence, now – 40 days, off to work my ass off and save, save, save!!!


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